So today was full of both ceramics work and quilting work, but mostly cleaning work, 5 hours of it. I'm not a dirty person, but who boy am I messy. Stuff everywhere and still don't have a good place for everything. Also I am always shocked that no matter how much time I spend at the ceramics studio, I never get it all done. Today I worked on some tall vases and boxes, and some ornaments and dishes. My extruded shapes of hexagons were speaking bees to me so I worked with that idea, even though it was not my intention. It always amazes me when my intention doesn't match with what I actully get done in the studio,  but I've found that it's better just to ride what is happening rather than fighting it. The brain is funny like that.


When I got home, I wa pretty whipped, but I wanted to start sketching some quilting ideas for the Hazel Park show which will be my first!  I contemplated Christmas items, but August seems a bit early, so I went for my favorite holiday instead, HALLOWEEN!  I did some sketching and just had to try it out, so out came the sewing machine (and so the mess begins again...)


I'm not 100% in love with it right now, def needs some tweaks, but it is a really good start!   I'll be posting my edits and will post the final pattern once I figure out what I want it to be!



Scrappy skull

Scrappy skull

Have a wonderful day!