Large Breeding Caves for Pseudacanthicus 

Large Breeding Caves for Pseudacanthicus 

Pseudacanthicus aka Cactus Cats

When the art center was emailed by someone seeking to build him some large fish caves, the studio manager knew exactly who to send him to. Working together with him was a challenging, taking lots of measurements and coming up with some unique ways of building caves over 18 inches in length and multiple diameters.  Texture was also important and selecting the right clay and working on compressing and smoothing the clay to their specifications.  These caves, because of their size, changing dimensions, and specific needs, were a challenging delight to make.

Dwarf Pike Cichlids enjoying their new breeding cave

Dwarf Pike Cichlids enjoying their new breeding cave

Dwarf Pike Cichlid pari

Crenicichla aka Dwarf Pike Cichlids

From a happy customer: The "Dwarf Pike" cave was an immediate hit! They excavate the opening only big enough to enter, then they block it as needed.


Cryptoheros cutteri

Female tending newly hatched fry in the 2" diameter cave you made.


Have dwarfs?

I admit I have a soft spot for the smaller cichlids, from Apistos to Pevlichromis to Julis to my honest favorite, Dicrossus and love making caves to suit their small nature.  This cave measures about 4.5 inches across and the opening is easily modified for specific fish.  Available with and without glaze, depending on the fish's preferences.  All glaze is food safe, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe, in a variety of colors and designs.


Pleco Caves

One of the fish I regularly breed are all sorts of Ancistrus plecos and having enough caves at time became such a challenge, I started making them for myself.  While the unglazed caves worked fine, I like creating caves that have some color and textures to create added interest in my tank layouts.